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2 December 2015
Kwasa Damansara announces Naza TTDI as its latest development partner for Plot R2-1

12 November 2015
Kwasa Land announces successful Bumiputera bidders for R3-3 and R3-4 development

29 September 2015
Kwasa Land awards first main infrastructure works project to WCT

25 August 2015
Kwasa Land awards Naza TTDI project R2-1 in Kwasa Damansara

1 June 2015
Kwasa Land calls for another round of pre-qualification of development partners for Kwasa Damansara

27 May 2015
Kwasa Land announces another two development projects – R3-3 and R3-4 for Bumiputera category

5 May 2015
Five Tier 2 developers make bid for Kwasa Land’s next residential development R2-1

4 March 2015
Kwasa Land signs with Impiana Land & Development for first Bumiputera residential project R3-2

11 February 2015
Kwasa Land awards Impiana Land & Development first Bumiputera project R3-2

26 January 2015
Kwasa Land announces 21 Tier 2 developers pre qualified for next residential development R2-1

11 December 2014
Eight developers pitch for Kwasa Land’s first Bumiputera development R3-2

15 October 2014
Kwasa Land announces top 23 Bumiputera developers prequalified for second RFP – a further boost for the Bumiputera Economic Empowerment Agenda

14 August 2014
Kwasa Land shareholders’ agreement for Project MX-1 signed

30 June 2014
Kwasa Land picks winner for Project MX-1

2 June 2014
Six-corner bid for Kwasa Land’s first RFP for town centre development

3 March 2014
Kwasa Land announces 20 Tier 1 developers pre qualified for inaugural RFP for town centre development

27 January 2014
Kwasa Land supports government call for the Bumiputera agenda

20 January 2014
152 developers participated in pre qualification for Kwasa Land township development projects

15 January 2014
EPF’s Kwasa Land to generate RM50 billion in Gross Development Value

5 September 2012
Kwasa Land invites developers to submit credentials for pre-Qualification to develop 2,330 acres of the proposed Kwasa Damansara township develoment

27 August 2012
EPF’s Kwasa Land completes purchase of 2,330 acres from government for RM2.28 billion

5 August 2012
Kwasa Land sets the record straight over report on Dijaya developing RRIM land