Making Environments Liveable

KWASA LAND SDN BHD was established in 2010 as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) to specially undertake the development of 2,330 acres of prime land located in the Klang Valley.

The Prime Minister had announced in the 2010 Budget that EPF be given the mandate to purchase this massive acreage for future development. A township of opportunities has been conceptualized for this vast tract of land, which will benefit thousands of Malaysians and the country’s economy.

The land formerly belongs to Lembaga Getah Malaysia (LGM), which will now be developed under a 15-year construction plan and under Kwasa Land Sdn Bhd.

As master developer, Kwasa Land will undertake the development project in collaboration with many notable local developers so as to produce high quality state of the art township.

The mixed development will reflect a sensible balance between residential, commercial, institutional, educational, recreational and leisure sectors and facilities.

The ultimate aim is to develop a township that dynamically qualifies for the highest-ranking index requirements in terms of environmental sustainability and liveability.

The township will commence its construction works in 2013 at the earliest. It will have a capacity to accommodate an expected population of 150,000 in residential households and commercial work force.

This new development is actually earmarked to be more than a township; it will incorporate plans that are befitting of a city replete with infrastructure and modern facilities, both residential and commercial that aim to serve the entire Damansara region, if not the Klang Valley.

Essentially, the development will be a town-city with a difference that keeps in view the everyday and future needs and concerns of the communities that live and operate there. Developed as a modern hub that is supported by an integrated transportation system, there will be transport linkages with the rest of the Klang Valley via the MRT. A jewel in the crown will be a 7.5 km connected Green Park of 160 acres for the communities to enjoy.