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Latest update : 29 November 2017



  • Develop, implement and co-ordinate the organization’s risk management strateg
  • Develop, implement and maintain Business Continuity plans for the organization and individual services as necessar
  • Implement, support and audit relevant quality assurance systems across the organizatio
  • Plan, review, recommend and implement health and safety management systems and practices across the organization in line with prevailing legislatio
  • Ensure that all work is delivered within the budgetary and resource constraints of the organizatio


  • Introduce a culture of Risk Management supported by policies and guidan
  • Develop and maintain a Risk Register and ensure it is reviewed regularly by the Management Tea
  • Responsible for the development, auditing, testing and implementation of Business Continuity Plans.
  • Create action plans which show how these policies and plans will be implemented and undertake regular audits to demonstrate that they are effectiv
  • Ensure that relevant staff and volunteers understand the policies and are given assistance when neede
  • Assess the organization and recommend, prioritize and implement relevant organizational and service specific quality policie
  • Make recommendations and implement an organizational wide quality assurance programme based on objectives set, systems and process are in place and working to meet any standards set for achievement.
  • Ensure all work is carried out in accordance with the applicable process and SOP.
  • Monitor and evaluate performance against standards or agreed target Use audits, feedback loops and corrective action to ensure continuous improvement. Priorities and escalate issues resulting in non-compliance.
  • Report on the findings of monitoring and evaluation processes and make recommendations as appropriate.


  • To attend and contribute to regular management meetings and other appropriate meeting
  • To undertake any other duties that may be required as deemed appropriate.



  • Responsible in executing the HOD’s instruction and to ensure that the accounts are prepared based on Financial Reporting Standards.
  • Responsible in executing the HOD’s order and control all activities relating to accounts, finance and administration of all related documents, accounting, finance, audit, taxation, banks and other relevant parties.
  • Responsible in executing the HOD’s direction for the improvement of the accounts, finance and administration systems as to ensure in high productivity, maximize utilization of resources and maintaining the highest degree of integrity
  • Preparing payment vouchers, deposit and claim in accordance with established policies and procedures included full set of accounts and reconciliation.
  • Direct, implement and control all activities relating to administration, schedules and budgets ensuring that established standards and targets are met.
  • Ensuring and monitoring all accounts especially relating to budget and performance complies with the procedures approved within the Limits of Authority (LOA).
  • Assisting in the development, implementation and review of plans, policies and procedures for the administration works.
  • Verifying all invoices, claims variation orders and final accounts (with regards to project development) for accuracy and within the approved budget.
  • Monitor progress of accounts, projects accounts, budget in relation to established target and highlight deviation and delays.
  • Preparation of Management Papers for Management/Board’s approval.
  • Preparation of Monthly Management Financial Highlight Papers for matters relating to financial and accounting in work procedure, relating to the Capital and Operating Expenditures.

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